Class DoJo videos on Growth Mindset


Carolyn Dweck’s research shows that children learn best when they know that abilities can be developed. If children develop a growth mindset they are more likely to develop perseverance skills and see difficult tasks as an enjoyable challenge.

Teachers are excited to incorporate the growth mindset into their classrooms, and Class DoJo is helping produce a series of animated videos that will help explain the growth mindset.

These videos can be shared in the classroom with children to introduce and reinforce the notion that intelligence is not fixed. Anyone can develop their brain power if they try new things and keep at it. None of us are doomed to be “bad at math.” All skills are learnable.

These videos can also be shared with families so they can encourage children to develop a mindset of growth and persistence. If a child gets frustrated with homework, their parents can encourage them to not give up too soon. Frustration and anxiety can be handled calmly, and even praised. As in “wow, you really kept at it and figured out how to use your metric ruler.”

Here in the College of Education, we are preparing teacher candidates to keep abreast of useful research in learning theory. When a landmark concept such as growth mindset is made easier to digest and share, we are eager to get the word out. Thanks for making this concept easier to understand, Class DoJo!
Suzanne Obenshain

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