Technology assisting with Leukemia

by Avery Black

This article talks about how technology is used in the classroom for students who cannot physically be there. The Kubi cart allows for students who are hospitalized, such as Zyan who has leukemia, to be present in class without actually being there. The Kubi cart is essentially a rolling cart with an ipad that has video connection so one can see the classroom like a video chat. Zyan however is in Philadelphia getting treatment while her classroom is in Texas. Zyan isa lso able to move the screen left, right, up and down in order to see around the classroom and can even communicate with her peers.

This article gives hope to the families of the children who are suffering with certain hospitalized treatments that their child will succeed academically. There is no worry about theirchild missing school for months at a time and the student canstill communicate with their peers, improving their socialskills.The Kubi cart is used in Round Rock, Texas at an elementary school for a third grader who is currently hospitalized in Philadelphia.




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