Why Listening to Podcasts Helps Kids Improve Reading Skills

by Sarah Allen


This article is about a teacher, Michael Godsey, who played podcasts for his students in his classroom. Mr. Godsey was amazed by how much came out of it. He started to realize how his students were engaging more in deep conversation with their peers about the podcasts because they were more interesting than just reading it in an article form. He also realized how it enhanced critical thinking and really got to ask his students some higher level thinking questions. Overall he was more than pleased how weread-listen-1920x1080ll his students responded to the podcasts.

This is a great tool to use with English language learners and struggling readers in an early childhood setting! The combination of hearing the words in an auditory form and seeing the printed text will help students connect the text to the sounds. In general students will find the podcasts fun and exciting and will encourage them to be more adamant readers. This is something that can be done at home and is easily accessible for families.

Podcasts are an excellent technology tool to use in an early childhood classroom. This is cost effective technology tool to use to keep the students engaged and get them excited about reading. Since many podcasts are free, it is very cost effective. For the podcasts you have to purchase, they are still feasible.

Our guest blogger is Sarah Allen




Drawing tablets in ECE classrooms

By Francis Ashcraft


This article (from 2011) is about Wacom digital drawing tablets. These tablets are used for drawing and can be used for all ages. Wacom tablets come in various sizes, which can be great for children of all ages! Essentially this device is plugged into a computer and drawn on, and then the image will transfer to a computer. These tablets at the moment are compatible with both Mac and Windows-based PC computers. This is a good device for children who are not very tech savvy, but can draw or simply enjoy drawing more than playing on the computer. This is are usable device that can be used by multiple kids and their artwork can be saved as a file on the computer. They cost around$100 each, which is nice because if you think about all of the art supplies you will save in the on run, I feel it can be cost effective!

These being implemented in classroom can affect students in many ways. One way would be how practical these are! Supplying kids with art materials can get pricey if stuff is constantly being broken or used up. With the Wacom device, one purchase is all you would need for art class! As a teacher you would not need to get individual things for every student,because they can each take turns using the device and then save their art. Also this device can be used in SPED classrooms.Students who have mobility issues or lack good fine motor skills, can create artwork with just the tablet and not have to worry about managing paintbrushes, multiple markers due to mobility.

I feel this news will help influence Early Childhood education in many ways. First off, schools can save money when it comes to buying art supplies. Even though it is not the cheapest device, this one time purchase will end up saving you money because it will not constantly need to be replaced and renewed. Students of all ages, and abilities will be able to use this! A lot of classrooms do not have emergent classes for extra circular activates. This way, special needs and able bodied students can take art classes together and form a relationship because they are both able to use this simple device.
Our guest blogger is Francis Ashcraft
I am a 20-year-old college student attending Towson University.Student in the Early Childhood Education Department in hope of becoming a 2nd grade teacher.”

Robots That Teach: Using Sphero in Class

by Olivia Roberts


This news article talks about the new technology called Sphero being used in the classroom. Sphero is a small robot being used for different purposes. First, teachers are using this toy robot for play. We know children learn best through play, so this reassures that students are still learning when using it. In addition, teachers are using Sphero to teach computer program, technology, and robotics through this play. Sphero connects to any Android or IOS device, so the teacher will need one of the two. This robot is water proof, pet proof, and very durable. There are two different versions out for this robot and accessories to go with it. This robot retails around $150. The star wars version boys will love! Some people think that $150 is too much, but you only need one for the classroom! Last, teachers are using this robot for motivation. This robot can become more than a toy; it can become the class pet. The students can name it and take care of it. I dare you to try one for your own classroom!Sphero-Drive-composite3

This robot is great for young children or anyone. Computer programming and technology are becoming more dominant in the classrooms and at home. If teachers or parents use Sphero when assisting with lessons, it is more beneficial to the students. The students will become so impressed by this technology; they will be begging their parents for a Sphero at home.

This robot is great for young children or anyone. Computer programming and technology are becoming more dominant in the classrooms and at home. If teachers or parents use Sphero when assisting with lessons, it is more beneficial to the students. The students will become so impressed by this technology; they will be begging their parents for a Sphero at home.


STEAM Education with Little Bits

by Kristen Peel


The CEO of the company that makes Little Bits, has introduced a new project used for STEAM in classrooms.This is the first company to create a kit that is meant to be used in the classroom, although there are home kit available as well. You can use little bits to build electronic cars, door alarms, or other moving machines. It incorporates more creative colors and activities, moving STEM into STEAM. It also comes with a guide for the kids to build and develop projects. They are intended to use their creativity to engineer their own electronic devices.One thing that I feel is most important is the teacher’s portion. The new kit includes a 6 hour course for teachers to learn all they need to know. They will be certified in using the little bits, and have all the knowledge they need to guide and encourage their students to create their own adventures.little bits

This is great news for children and their families. It will not only being advances in their classroom education, but parents could order the kit to use at home as well. Fostering a learning environment that is fun in the home as well as school would benefit any child.

This news will influence the change from STEM to STEAM,continuing the emphasis on creativity and the arts being as important as the other components of STEM. It will give teachers a template for not only engineering lessons, but coding as well.

Interactive Tables for Schools

Guest blogger: Alyssa Williams


This article is about the implementation of interactive tablets in education. The SMART Table is a floor positioned table display that allows up to six students to use it at once. The SMART Tables accesses any tool or information or games from web browsers. The tablet is spill proof, scratch proof, is touch-sensitive, and is projects a high definition display. This tablet is developmentally appropriate for young learners and promotes participation and interaction among students.


This news will affect young children and their families because it encourages the use and understanding of emerging technology. The students that receive this high level of technology use will be better prepared for their future. Some children are not as fortunate enough to have families or parents that are “technology savvy” and this tablet is a phenomenal way to expose young learners to technology. Technology is becoming more advanced and is the future of education.

This news will affect Early Childhood Education because the SMART Table will encourage interaction,participation, and collaboration in the classroom. This tablet can be used for literacy, math, science, or art. This tabletcan be used for group work and/or used apart of classroomcenters. Also, this tablet can help students withdevelopmental delays or disabilities. Students with a visualdisability can clearly see the tablet due to the big screen andhigh definition. A student that is incapable of motorabilities can participate and access the tablet. The SMART table will promote an interactive, safe, and fun learning experience for the classroom.