Interactive Tables for Schools

Guest blogger: Alyssa Williams

This article is about the implementation of interactive tablets in education. The SMART Table is a floor positioned table display that allows up to six students to use it at once. The SMART Tables accesses any tool or information or games from web browsers. The tablet is spill proof, scratch proof, is touch-sensitive, and is projects a high definition display. This tablet is developmentally appropriate for young learners and promotes participation and interaction among students.


This news will affect young children and their families because it encourages the use and understanding of emerging technology. The students that receive this high level of technology use will be better prepared for their future. Some children are not as fortunate enough to have families or parents that are “technology savvy” and this tablet is a phenomenal way to expose young learners to technology. Technology is becoming more advanced and is the future of education.

This news will affect Early Childhood Education because the SMART Table will encourage interaction,participation, and collaboration in the classroom. This tablet can be used for literacy, math, science, or art. This tabletcan be used for group work and/or used apart of classroomcenters. Also, this tablet can help students withdevelopmental delays or disabilities. Students with a visualdisability can clearly see the tablet due to the big screen andhigh definition. A student that is incapable of motorabilities can participate and access the tablet. The SMART table will promote an interactive, safe, and fun learning experience for the classroom.



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