STEAM Education with Little Bits

by Kristen Peel

The CEO of the company that makes Little Bits, has introduced a new project used for STEAM in classrooms.This is the first company to create a kit that is meant to be used in the classroom, although there are home kit available as well. You can use little bits to build electronic cars, door alarms, or other moving machines. It incorporates more creative colors and activities, moving STEM into STEAM. It also comes with a guide for the kids to build and develop projects. They are intended to use their creativity to engineer their own electronic devices.One thing that I feel is most important is the teacher’s portion. The new kit includes a 6 hour course for teachers to learn all they need to know. They will be certified in using the little bits, and have all the knowledge they need to guide and encourage their students to create their own adventures.little bits

This is great news for children and their families. It will not only being advances in their classroom education, but parents could order the kit to use at home as well. Fostering a learning environment that is fun in the home as well as school would benefit any child.

This news will influence the change from STEM to STEAM,continuing the emphasis on creativity and the arts being as important as the other components of STEM. It will give teachers a template for not only engineering lessons, but coding as well.


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