Drawing tablets in ECE classrooms

By Francis Ashcraft


This article (from 2011) is about Wacom digital drawing tablets. These tablets are used for drawing and can be used for all ages. Wacom tablets come in various sizes, which can be great for children of all ages! Essentially this device is plugged into a computer and drawn on, and then the image will transfer to a computer. These tablets at the moment are compatible with both Mac and Windows-based PC computers. This is a good device for children who are not very tech savvy, but can draw or simply enjoy drawing more than playing on the computer. This is are usable device that can be used by multiple kids and their artwork can be saved as a file on the computer. They cost around$100 each, which is nice because if you think about all of the art supplies you will save in the on run, I feel it can be cost effective!

These being implemented in classroom can affect students in many ways. One way would be how practical these are! Supplying kids with art materials can get pricey if stuff is constantly being broken or used up. With the Wacom device, one purchase is all you would need for art class! As a teacher you would not need to get individual things for every student,because they can each take turns using the device and then save their art. Also this device can be used in SPED classrooms.Students who have mobility issues or lack good fine motor skills, can create artwork with just the tablet and not have to worry about managing paintbrushes, multiple markers due to mobility.

I feel this news will help influence Early Childhood education in many ways. First off, schools can save money when it comes to buying art supplies. Even though it is not the cheapest device, this one time purchase will end up saving you money because it will not constantly need to be replaced and renewed. Students of all ages, and abilities will be able to use this! A lot of classrooms do not have emergent classes for extra circular activates. This way, special needs and able bodied students can take art classes together and form a relationship because they are both able to use this simple device.
Our guest blogger is Francis Ashcraft
I am a 20-year-old college student attending Towson University.Student in the Early Childhood Education Department in hope of becoming a 2nd grade teacher.”

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