Why Listening to Podcasts Helps Kids Improve Reading Skills

by Sarah Allen


This article is about a teacher, Michael Godsey, who played podcasts for his students in his classroom. Mr. Godsey was amazed by how much came out of it. He started to realize how his students were engaging more in deep conversation with their peers about the podcasts because they were more interesting than just reading it in an article form. He also realized how it enhanced critical thinking and really got to ask his students some higher level thinking questions. Overall he was more than pleased how weread-listen-1920x1080ll his students responded to the podcasts.

This is a great tool to use with English language learners and struggling readers in an early childhood setting! The combination of hearing the words in an auditory form and seeing the printed text will help students connect the text to the sounds. In general students will find the podcasts fun and exciting and will encourage them to be more adamant readers. This is something that can be done at home and is easily accessible for families.

Podcasts are an excellent technology tool to use in an early childhood classroom. This is cost effective technology tool to use to keep the students engaged and get them excited about reading. Since many podcasts are free, it is very cost effective. For the podcasts you have to purchase, they are still feasible.

Our guest blogger is Sarah Allen




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