How iPads Increase Productivity

by Katie Knies

IPads are becoming very popular in the classroom. There are many different things that teachers can do with them to help with their teaching. Not only do children want to use them, they are actually learning with them. This article discusses how using an iPad in the classroom can increase the productivity of the class. There is more collaboration between teachers and students, as well as students with their peers. By using iPads students have an outlet that allows them to share what they are doing with others as well as provide feedback to the teacher when they think it is necessary. There is increased control over learning.Students feel a sense of independence and freedom when they are using and learning on the iPads. Using iPads is a form of alternative education. Children are still learning what they need to learn but in a way that is different than how things are usually taught. This can be good for some students who find it hard to follow what the teacher is saying, all they have to do is use an educational app and it is teaching them the same thing that the teacher would be teaching but in a different way. That goes along with the differentiated learning levels. There are educational apps that students can use when they are struggling in a certain subject and that app will give them the help that they need to succeed.

This news will most likely affect young children in the factthat they will be seeing more iPads in the classroom. Theywill have to be able to know how to use the technology andthat may sometimes cause a problem if they don’t alwaysknow. Children might think that iPads are really awesomeand go home and ask their parents to get them one. This canaffect families because some families can afford to get theirchild an iPad and others cannot. They do not want theirchild to feel left out.

This news will influence Early Childhood Education in a big way, and it already has started. With this news, there will most likely be more iPads in the classroom. This could cause some problems because teachers may feel that they may become a distraction, while others may think that it will be a great idea. Teachers may also be opposed to having iPads in their classroom simply because they do not know how to use them and how to implement them into their classroom. That can be a simple fix, with possibly a seminar showing the teachers how to use and implement iPads into their classroom.

Our guest blogger is Katie Knies



Gauging Your Distraction- A Game to Show Students the Danger of Texting While Driving

by Kelly Hickman

This news article describes an interactive driving game that is recommended for teen drivers or aspiring drivers. New studies show that drivers overestimate their ability to multitask while behind the wheel.The game measures how your reaction time is affected by external distractions. The game requires players to try to read and reply to three text messages while navigating through lanes of traffic. At the start of the game, players simply have to navigate a car through lanes of the highway. However, once this is mastered, a text message will appear on the screen that players have to read and reply to while “driving.” The game ends after three text messages have been sent.“Gauging Your Distraction” is an excellent activity to incorporate into driver training programs. The beginning of the game is easy, which builds a player’s confidence. The game gets tricky when a player’s confidence is high, similarly to a teen driver’s confidence in texting and driving in real life. Much like in real life, a student might think, “I’ve got this,” when they really don’t have the control that they think they have.gauging distraction

This game teaches students/teen drivers not only that texting and driving is highly unsafe, but also that they are not invincible! Accidents happen,even when you think you have total control. Human nature shows that people think that they are better at multitasking than they actually are.Although this is a game simulator, it teaches students and teen drivers that real life accidents can occur and can have tragic repercussions. This game hopefully, avoids any accidents before they occur.

This news will affect young children and their families by keeping drivers educated and responsible. By keeping drivers informed and responsible, we are potentially saving young children along with their family’s lives. This news’ intentions are to educate hazardous, unsafe drivers on the dangers of texting and driving in order to protect the lives of innocent children and families who are also out on the roads.

This news will influence Early Childhood Education by keeping young children safe (as stated above), in order to continue their development and learning through their Early Childhood Education programs.

Our guest blogger is Kelly Hickman

“My name is Kelly Hickman. I am 21 years old and am a transfer student here at Towson University. I do not have much experience blogging, but I have done quite a bit through this course and am thoroughly enjoying it!”



Osmo offers groundbreaking tech for kids

by Colleen C. Weadon

This article discusses the new device called the “OSMO”. This device known as the Osmo is a mirrored device that slips over the front-facing camera of the iPad or other device etc. It works in a similar manner to a toy periscope. Osmo also comes with a base to hold the iPad in a vertical position, so that the camera sees an area focused directly in front of the iPad. It’s bundled with a set of alphabet tiles and tangram blocks” (USA Today/tech). Osmo also promotes learning in key areas such as: social-emotional skills, creative thinking, art,STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and common core.osmo-play-beyond-the-screen

The Osmo game system is something that will change the way your child interacts with the iPad by opening it up to hands-on play. This news will also open so many new opportunities in the physical classroom. The Osmo will give teachers and children the opportunity to interact with each other while playing educational games at the same time.

This will most definitely influence early childhood education. As many know play is a key component in early childhood education.Because of this the Osmo will be very influential in the future of educational classrooms.

Our guest blogger is Colleen C. Weadon

“I am currently a student at Towson University hoping to start the Early Childhood Program next fall. I will continue my professional growth by developing and working on my teaching portfolio weekly.”

Classtag Streamlines Scheduling of Parent Teacher Conferences

by Allison Gordon


ClassTag is a new service that aims to help teachers organize parent-teacher conferences, classroom volunteer requests,and school events. In addition to this, parents can request materials needed for their classroom such as tissues, hand sanitizer, or crayons. Teachers can also request parent chaperones for field trips. Teachers will sign up for ClassTag(free), enter basic information about their classroom, and enter the email addresses of students’ parents. Through their requests feature on ClassTag, teachers can request various things, and parents can respond through ClassTag. ClassTag will keep track of parent responses.class tag

ClassTag offers many helpful features such as allowing the teacher to choose the amount of time allowed for conferences. Then, once a parent fills a slot for a conference,that slot cannot be chosen again. This makes it easier for the teacher to schedule conferences. Also, teachers can promote school events through ClassTag and include information such as times, things you should bring, and cost. Overall, ClassTag is an effective way for teachers to stay organized and  connected to parents.
This news will affect young children and their families because it will keep parents connected to the classroom and to their child’s teacher. Parents will be able to easily sign up for conferences with their child’s teacher, as well as sign up for field trips and events. This is great for parents with younger children  who easily forget or lose papers, or forget to carry on information. In addition to this, parents will be more involved in their child’s education as they are more connected to both the teacher and the classroom.
This news will influence Early Childhood Education because it connects parents to the classroom. ClassTag helps teachers stay organized, and stay connected. Teachers will be able to easily communicate with parents, set up conference schedules, provide event information, request field trip volunteers, and request materials needed for the classroom. ClassTag will keep track of parent responses so teachers will always have access to this information. With adequate donations and help from parents, teachers will be able to be the best that they can be for all parties involved.
Our guest blogger is Allison Gordon.