Classtag Streamlines Scheduling of Parent Teacher Conferences

by Allison Gordon


ClassTag is a new service that aims to help teachers organize parent-teacher conferences, classroom volunteer requests,and school events. In addition to this, parents can request materials needed for their classroom such as tissues, hand sanitizer, or crayons. Teachers can also request parent chaperones for field trips. Teachers will sign up for ClassTag(free), enter basic information about their classroom, and enter the email addresses of students’ parents. Through their requests feature on ClassTag, teachers can request various things, and parents can respond through ClassTag. ClassTag will keep track of parent responses.class tag

ClassTag offers many helpful features such as allowing the teacher to choose the amount of time allowed for conferences. Then, once a parent fills a slot for a conference,that slot cannot be chosen again. This makes it easier for the teacher to schedule conferences. Also, teachers can promote school events through ClassTag and include information such as times, things you should bring, and cost. Overall, ClassTag is an effective way for teachers to stay organized and  connected to parents.
This news will affect young children and their families because it will keep parents connected to the classroom and to their child’s teacher. Parents will be able to easily sign up for conferences with their child’s teacher, as well as sign up for field trips and events. This is great for parents with younger children  who easily forget or lose papers, or forget to carry on information. In addition to this, parents will be more involved in their child’s education as they are more connected to both the teacher and the classroom.
This news will influence Early Childhood Education because it connects parents to the classroom. ClassTag helps teachers stay organized, and stay connected. Teachers will be able to easily communicate with parents, set up conference schedules, provide event information, request field trip volunteers, and request materials needed for the classroom. ClassTag will keep track of parent responses so teachers will always have access to this information. With adequate donations and help from parents, teachers will be able to be the best that they can be for all parties involved.
Our guest blogger is Allison Gordon.

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