Osmo offers groundbreaking tech for kids

by Colleen C. Weadon


This article discusses the new device called the “OSMO”. This device known as the Osmo is a mirrored device that slips over the front-facing camera of the iPad or other device etc. It works in a similar manner to a toy periscope. Osmo also comes with a base to hold the iPad in a vertical position, so that the camera sees an area focused directly in front of the iPad. It’s bundled with a set of alphabet tiles and tangram blocks” (USA Today/tech). Osmo also promotes learning in key areas such as: social-emotional skills, creative thinking, art,STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and common core.osmo-play-beyond-the-screen

The Osmo game system is something that will change the way your child interacts with the iPad by opening it up to hands-on play. This news will also open so many new opportunities in the physical classroom. The Osmo will give teachers and children the opportunity to interact with each other while playing educational games at the same time.

This will most definitely influence early childhood education. As many know play is a key component in early childhood education.Because of this the Osmo will be very influential in the future of educational classrooms.


Our guest blogger is Colleen C. Weadon

“I am currently a student at Towson University hoping to start the Early Childhood Program next fall. I will continue my professional growth by developing and working on my teaching portfolio weekly.”


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