How iPads Increase Productivity

by Katie Knies

IPads are becoming very popular in the classroom. There are many different things that teachers can do with them to help with their teaching. Not only do children want to use them, they are actually learning with them. This article discusses how using an iPad in the classroom can increase the productivity of the class. There is more collaboration between teachers and students, as well as students with their peers. By using iPads students have an outlet that allows them to share what they are doing with others as well as provide feedback to the teacher when they think it is necessary. There is increased control over learning.Students feel a sense of independence and freedom when they are using and learning on the iPads. Using iPads is a form of alternative education. Children are still learning what they need to learn but in a way that is different than how things are usually taught. This can be good for some students who find it hard to follow what the teacher is saying, all they have to do is use an educational app and it is teaching them the same thing that the teacher would be teaching but in a different way. That goes along with the differentiated learning levels. There are educational apps that students can use when they are struggling in a certain subject and that app will give them the help that they need to succeed.

This news will most likely affect young children in the factthat they will be seeing more iPads in the classroom. Theywill have to be able to know how to use the technology andthat may sometimes cause a problem if they don’t alwaysknow. Children might think that iPads are really awesomeand go home and ask their parents to get them one. This canaffect families because some families can afford to get theirchild an iPad and others cannot. They do not want theirchild to feel left out.

This news will influence Early Childhood Education in a big way, and it already has started. With this news, there will most likely be more iPads in the classroom. This could cause some problems because teachers may feel that they may become a distraction, while others may think that it will be a great idea. Teachers may also be opposed to having iPads in their classroom simply because they do not know how to use them and how to implement them into their classroom. That can be a simple fix, with possibly a seminar showing the teachers how to use and implement iPads into their classroom.

Our guest blogger is Katie Knies



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