Smartstones are a radical new way to communicate without speaking

by Christen Kratz

This article is about the relatively new way to communicate with people without using your voice. This new technology is called the Smartstone. The Smartstone allows you to send simple messages to anyone in the world with just a tap or two, swipe, shake or motion gestures. The messages are sent over the internet and can be received in a form of a text,voice, app message, alert, or their Smartstone. The simplicity of the Smartstone allows it to be used by anyone, from young children to elderly. Smartstones are a bit expensive at about $100 per stone and$10 a month to use it. But hopefully the price will lower in the next few years as this technology becomes more popular.

This new technology could affect young children and their families because it can be used in so many different situations. Most parents want to be able to communicate with their children and think the best way to do that is by getting them a cellphone. But young children having a cellphone can cause issues from safety to paying attention in class. The Smartstone is a good alternative to a cellphone because the parents and child can still be in touch but the child can not communicate with strangers or surf the web”.

This new technology could influence Early Childhood Education because it could be used to communicate with the students. If there is a child who has a disability and has trouble communicating with those around them, this could be a solution to the communication problems. Or a student who is just beginning to learn English and has not began speaking yet. They can use the Smartstone to communicate with the teacher or other classmates without needing to know English.Another use for the Smartstones could be to have one in each student’s desk and the teacher could use it to send silent messages to either the whole class or a specific student. For example, it could be a reminder to stay on task or telling them that they are doing great.

Today’s guest blogger is Christen Kratz.smartstone-how-it-works-300x158@2x