Can Technology in the Classroom be Meaningful?

by Crystal Brown

This article takes readers through the process of making use of meaningful technology in the classroom. The teacher in the article has her students complete a series of tasks that include digging for fossils, examining the fossils, taking pictures, and asking questions. The students even emailed an actual paleontologist in their area, which they found on the internet. The teacher wanted to introduce the technology to her class and to do so in a meaningful and purposeful way.In conclusion the teacher goes through three keys reasons why she thinks the project was successful for her class. She explains that these types of activities encourage students to work together. These types of activities promote social interaction and get the children engaged in learning.

I wonder if the children will be more inclined to want to use this technology at home or if they will continue to play outside and do other things. I also wonder how the families feel about young children using so much technology in school and in general.

This article provides a good model for teachers when using technology in their classroom. The classroom teachers allow and make available several different forms of technology for the students to use. The students were using the technology appropriately.


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