Pediatricians Set New Guidelines on Electronic Media Use by Young Children

by Melissa Garfinkle

screentimeThis article is about the American Academy of Pediatrics updating its recommendations on electronic media use for young children. The new recommendations acknowledge that some media exposure can have educational value for children as young as 18 months, although it should be high-quality programming such as PBS television. The new recommendations were made because of shifts in technology. Since technology is always improving and advancing and the media is used more and more, the AAP felt it necessary to change their recommendations to keep up with the advancement in technology.

This affects young children because it could change the amount of screen time they are exposed to. I think it could cause families to spend less time with their children playing outside because children will be exposed to screens at an earlier age. The article does mention that parents should still prioritize playtime away from screens, but I think since the recommendations have been updated, parents will want to expose their children to technology early on.

This news will influence Early Child Education because centers will incorporate more technology into their classrooms and educators will want to expose children to technology during school hours. I think in future years, the technology ad media use in early childhood education will keep increasing to keep up with changes in technology.

Our guest blogger is Melissa Garfinkle

I am currently a student at Towson University, pursuing an Early Childhood Education degree.I think technology and the media plays a role in early childhood education and technology will always be advancing. This is an important topic in early childhood education.”



Five Common Classroom Blog Mistakes

by Tracey Love


Having a blog is a great source of communication, however keeping it up and running is an important responsibility that some teachers and students fail to realize. The five mistakes the article lists are making it optional, inconsistency, lack of purpose, not publicizing, and leaving out visuals. By making the blog optional, students and parents will most likely choose not to view it. Having a set time and date when updating the blog allows viewers to know when to expect new and upcoming information about the events and tasks that will/have happened in the classroom. Having a purpose for the classroom blog allows the blog editor(s) to have an idea of what to post. Publicizing the classroom blog is a great way to get people to view and informing them that it exists. Finally, some classroom blog editors tend to leave out pictures when making posts. Instead of using pictures to capture viewers’ attention or using it as another way of explaining, some editors only use words to describe what has happened in the classroom.

Having a classroom blog is beneficial in the sense that every student has an opportunity to write down his/her thoughts about a topic discussed in class, parents are able to see what is happening in their child’s classroom thus creating a sense of community, and it keeps students and families updated about upcoming events or assignments.

Even though older generations view technology as a bad thing due to the amount of dependency it causes,technology can be used as a learning tool. In Early Childhood Education, a classroom blog expands social skills, teaches internet safety, improves literacy skills, and promotes home-school connections. Blogging can be seen as a great opportunity for those shy students to practice social skills (by commenting on posts, for example) before applying those skills to the real world. Teaching internet safety to children is extremely important this day-and-age.Teachers can use their classroom blog as a tool to teach this lesson. Writing blog posts encourages students to put their literacy skills to the test. Blogging can improve students’writing through peer editing and collaboration. Classroom blogs promote home-school connections because parents can actively follow along using the blog and get engaged in their child’s learning by providing their own comments.

Our guest blogger is Tracey Love

I am currently a junior majoring in Early Childhood,pursuing my bachelor’s degree. I also have my 90 Hour Certification in Maryland.”

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