Audio Books Can Help Children Who Struggle with Reading


This article describes how children can use audio books or tapes in the classroom in order to help them when they have to read alone.Children who are slow readers are allowed to go listen to the audiotapes in another part of the room. They say that it really helps them because when they have to read it by themselves, they can then read it faster. When they are given 30 minutes to read with the class, they can finally keep up and don’t feel so rushed.

Some parents don’t have time to read to their children every day. If the teachers introduce then to audio tapes, this allows the children to know how to audio tapes at home. This would have a positive influence on children at home because they can listen to their audio tapes at home to improve their reading and vocabulary skills. Also, this could really help to improve children from low income families who don’t get read to a lot because their parents might not have great vocabulary span or proficient reading skills. Audio books can be downloaded for free on apps, or even iPad’s.They are easy to access and easy to use. Those who don’t have tapes or computers at home could use the mat the library or check out books on tape.

Our guest blogger today is Mary Kate Biser



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