Technology Usage in Early Childhood

by Czarina Pepito

A survey conducted by the Erikson Institute showed how parents and their children incorporated technology in their lives. The study consisted of  1,000 parents with children under six years old. It showed the different technology being used at home, how much time parents are spending time with their children while using technology, the different perceptions parents have about the advantages they bring,and their main concerns. Erikson Institute offered different tips for parents and early childhood professionals on how to incorporate technology in children’s lives. These tips create opportunities for adults/parents to model positive behavior in using computers, tablets, television, and smartphones. In a world where technology is everywhere and unavoidable, both parents and professionals need to understand how to use these gadgets in a healthy and productive way.

This news highlights one of the major issues found in parenting. The Erikson Institute wants to shed light on how parents and children use technology in their homes. The institute want families to learn how to properly use technology to benefit children in the future. They want to stress the fact that modeling the right behavior for children to see is important and monitoring their usage is key to having a healthy technology use at home. There is no denying that children as early as three years old use technology, this article helps parents who are struggling to make healthy decisions for their children.

This article is also geared towards early childhood professionals. The survey can help teachers understand that children coming into PreK are able to use technology and should be cultivated to better their learning. Teachers need to use technology in the classrooms as educational tools.Using different websites and software that are children-friendly is a great way of using Universal Design for Learning. Same as parents, teachers need to provide positive modeling behavior while using technology in classrooms.

Today’s guest blogger is Czarina Pepito

Aspiring to be an early childhood teacher studying in Towson University. I am interested in creating different opportunities for children to learn using various methods and tools.”




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