The T in STEM: Creating Play-Based Experiences That Support Children’s Learning of Coding and Higher Order Thinking

by Megan Andersen

Researchers and many others want to further develop children’s higher order thinking skills in early childhood by introducing technology tools and coding when appropriate. high-orderWith technology becoming more and more popular, even in schools, those who are knowledgeable with technology and coding are in demand and have more opportunities in their future careers. Developing higher order thinking skills in the classroom does not require much change in the classroom activities because most of the tips for developing these skills are already being implemented. These skills can be practiced through play-based experiences. Some of the tips include block play, read-alouds, storytelling, art, and game design. Game design is not a typical activity that takes place in an early childhood setting, but the other tips do. Adding game design activities is not difficult because it can be a continuation of an art activity that can be related to the development of game design. All of these activities help children reason, think critically, and problem solve which are essential skills that are needed throughout life.
This news will affect young children because they will be developing higher order thinking skills through play-based experiences in early childhood settings. Children will create meaningful experiences through coding by developing these foundational skills and have the support of their family. They will be engaging in activities that are going to deepen these skills. The children might not realize that they are building these skills or the purpose of participating in activities that help develop higher order thinking skills, but it will help children become more successful in their future. Families will become mentors and role models to support their children in developing these skills. Due to the rise in popularity and usefulness of technology families will also be learning along with their children. Families can also implement activities and purchase technology toys that are aimed at parents to help their children develop these skills.
This news will influence Early Childhood Education because developing higher order thinking skills will start in the early childhood classrooms and settings. Educators will need to introduce coding and become familiar with helping children code. They will also need to design lesson plans and activities that will help children develop the higher order thinking skills that are required for building the foundational skills for coding. Children will be building essential skills that are needed throughout their life and be a continuation of developing main skills on a deeper level that are needed to succeed in their educational careers.

Today’s guest blogger is Megan Andersen



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