Using Timely Text Messages To Curb Missed Assignments and Class

by Abbey Groft

This news article was about sending text messages to parents when children were to miss class or miss an assignment. The statistics from the article stated that this strategy reduced course failure by 39% and increased class attendance by 17%. Because the parents were getting involved in their child’s education, the children are more likely to want to do better. The message consists of what that child missed and a link to log online for more information.They were able to do this by building software that communicated with the teacher’s electronic grade book. For a parent to receive one of these texts it is just a fraction of a cent per text message. However, the author feels that the text message is a solution, but that it is a huge piece of the puzzle. This technology will help improve school performance in the future.

This strategy will affect young children and their families in a positive way. For example, having text messages sent out to the parents about their child’s academic standing will help to keep the parents involved. The article states, “students succeed when parents get involved.” Therefore, children are going to be more likely to have academic success. This will also help the children because it will help to keep them motivated to do assignments and go to school so that their parents do not have to get text messages.text-helper

This will influence Early Childhood Education because this could create a new system in which teachers communicate assignment or news to parents. Children come home with folders and paper or news can get lost in translation, so having a text message sent to the parents could be more beneficial. This strategy will also help to keep young children on track and motivated to work hard especially later in their education. For example, when children get older they may tend to lose the motivation to do well in school, so having this system start out while they are younger could really help.


Today’s guest blogger is Abbey Groft

“I am a junior at Towson University in the Early Childhood Education program pursuing my dream of becoming a teacher. Growing up I always knew that teaching was the job for me, so being able to live my dream out would be so fulfilling. I enjoy helping people out and making an impact in peoples lives.”



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