Make STEM Social to Motivate Preschoolers

by Victoria Mosley

This news article discussed the importance of STEM activities for young students. There was a description of a case study of two sets of preschoolers who work on two different STEM activities in different environments. One group was told to work independently and the other was assigned to a  color group and were placed in a social environment. The students were observed while doing the math and puzzle activity. They concluded that the students who were socializing during the activity developed a better understanding and were more interested in this STEM assignment. The article also gave some tips for teachers to use when encouraging STEM use. Teachers should use social language when talking about STEM activities. For example,teachers should use words such as “us”, “together”, and“group” to make all the students feel equal and confident int heir learning. Overall, this article explains the importance of early STEM use in a classroom.

This news, hopefully, will positively affect young children and their families. It gives information about the importance of early STEM learning through social interactions. Families can work on these types of activities at home so the student can become fluent in STEM. This article also discusses the stereotypes of STEM such as the idea that boys are better at STEM than IMG_9351girls are. Then the article states ways to ignore the stereotype and negative opinions by using social language. If parents and teachers use this social language it can help students feel confident in their work and confident in STEM.

This article will influence Early Childhood Education greatly. The more teachers and caregivers expose STEM to young children, the better the child will understand these categories. This article and others related to STEM could create a huge impact on education. For example, in the future classroom there could be a block of time during the day for students to work on STEM work. This should be implemented in young grades as well as older grades. If STEM does eventually receive its own block for younger students, it will give them a great amount of time to work at this area and become fluent as they advance by grade.

Today’s guest blogger is Victoria Mosley


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