The Future of Preschool

by Katie Kojan

The article is about how legislators in Indiana are considering an investment in early education software that would be free to families in the state. The software is dedicated to kindergarten prep that uses technology to ensure free access to early childhood education to every student in the state.

This software would be a huge benefit for low-income families who can’t afford preschool. It will give students ahead start right before entering kindergarten. This software can eliminate the achievement gap between students who went to preschool and those who didn’t.junk

If this investment is fulfilled and is successful it will be a huge step forward in terms of early childhood education. If this were to be implemented in every state children coming into kindergarten will be entering close to the same education level. Preschool is currently a privilege for children as they have an advantage when they come into kindergarten. This software can boost a child’s cognitive development before they enter grade school.

Today’s guest blogger is Katie Kojan

I’m in my third year at Towson University pursuing Early Childhood Education.”



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