Wooden toy that teaches toddlers the basics of coding.

by Jaclyn Soldinger


This wooden toy teaches toddlers how to code in a way that they think that they are playing a game. It is made of entirely of wood and it moves around based on the code that the child created. The sole purpose of this toy is to teach young children how to code without looking at screen. This is extremely innovative since most coding programs for children require them to look at a screen.

This will affect young children because they will be comfortable with the concept of cubettocoding at a young age. This is something to consider since coding may become a part of the curriculum in an elementary school. This would affect families because this toy robot costs a ton of money. It is in the $200 range. Therefore, I could see parents wanting to donate money to a school towards the toy rather than buy one for home since the schools may be able to keep it safer.

This will influence Early childhood education because the educator should incorporate this toy in the pre-kindergarten classroom to teach their students about coding without a screen. This would be effective for this especially, since many schools are using computers in elementary schools so it would be a useful skill. However, it costs a lot of money therefore, it is not ideal for a pre-kindergarten classroom because children could break it unless the school has a safe place to store the toy.

Today’s guest blogger is Jaclyn Soldinger

Early Childhood Education major who is interested in English Language Learning and Special Education.


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