What the Science Says About How Preschool Benefits Children

by Vashti Hoyte-Smith


In this news article, it talks about how scientist feel as though preschool is not beneficial for our children in this generation. The scientist was trying to prove a point of why should children attend preschool when they are basically being taught the same thing in kindergarten and first grade. After doing a lot of research, they found that some preschool programs were doing the exact things as the kindergarten and first junkgrades. It talked about how poor and disadvantaged children often make the most gain from attending preschool and children who are dual-language learners benefit also from being in a preschool program. It helps them learn the language faster. Also, they were trying to figure out if pre-k should focus on the social and emotional development of the children and how pre-k programs should do a better job with reaching out to families.

This news would affect young children and their families because I feel as though going to preschool is such an advantage because they children are learning how to read, write, solve math problems just learning the basics is such an important thing. Just because the scientist believes that this program should be cut because they are learning the same exact thing when they go into kindergarten and 1st grade. That is not parents fault because they are sending their children to preschool to learn. This has such an impact for the families because they send their children to preschool so they can get in a habit of learning how it operates and learning the foundations.

This will influence Early Childhood Education because the scientist are trying to cut out this program. This program is important for the children because it is giving them the foundation of what they will be learning when entering kindergarten or 1st grade. As an Early Childhood major, I feel as though it is not the preschool fault of what the child is going to learn once they enter elementary school. The teachers should see if the children already master the skills and then find something more challenging for the children to do or teach them something new. I say that they should keep this program because all children, no matter where you come from, benefit from this.

Today’s guest blogger is Vashti Hoyte-Smith

Read the study: duke_prekstudy_final_4-4-17_hires







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