Class Dojo in the Classroom

by Janette Peggins

Editor’s note: Class Dojo is a free classroom management system.
There are three new features that Class Dojo has introduced in a new update. First, the new student portfolios are student-led. Teachers will choose work that will be share or
not on the portfolios. Also, parents will only be able to see their student’s work, not the whole class. Second, is Student Stories in which teachers can share many pictures with the parents. Student Stories is set in a similar way as an Instagram story. Lastly, is the option for parents to see all, only positive, or no points at all.
Parents many not be able see to the points their student has or only the positive points depending on the setting the student and teacher pick. Parents can only see how their
student is doing, not how the rest of the class is doing.


In the new Class Dojo, one influence is the new option for parents to only see positive or no points that their student receive. One possible impact is the parents may want to see how their student is doing in their classroom, yet not being able to if the option is not available. In that case, communicating with the parents of the options and give their input if desired. Therefore, giving the parents an option to give their opinion and not have a negative reaction to the new settings.
Today’s guest blogger is Janette Peggins

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