What is Mystery Skype?

by Allie Travers


This is a tool that gives classrooms in one area of the world the opportunity to skype with a classroom in another area of the world, the location of which the children do not know. The children have to ask questions about the location and culture that the other class will answer, and they eventually try to guess where they are located. This tool allows children to learn more about geography and different cultures in a fun, hands-on,  interactive way.
This tool can provide a more exciting way for children to learn, motivating them to participate in class and learn more about a subject in a hands-on manner. Some parents and families may be wary of the idea of their child being on a webcam, as some privacy issues could arise. On the other hand, some families may be excited that their children are taking part in such an interactive mode of learning. Teachers could also take this opportunity to help children in their class from a variety of cultures feel better represented by skyping a class from the child’s family’s native land.
This news can bring classrooms all over the world together and connect their students and the way they learn in a whole new way. Not only will children and teachers be able to learn about geography in a different way, but they will also be able to better understand different cultures and schools in other parts of the world.
Today’s guest blogger is Allie Travers
“Junior at Towson University looking to achieve an Early Childhood Education major and a Spanish Minor”

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