Analyzing “StoryWeaver”

by Erin Brockmeyer

In this article, the recent website of StoryWeaver is discussed. The author writes briefly of how StoryWeaver is an online digital library that aims to promote literacy in over 120 languages. The article then goes on to discuss the features of translating stories, creating stories, and allowing open access for teachers. The article even includes an informative video on the history and uses of StoryWeaver.
The news of StoryWeaver greatly impacts children and families as it is a free tool to reading. Children can access the books to read and create their own, in the language that is most comfortable for them. Families can see what the child is reading and creating, and can also connect with the child by reading with them; thus bringing more of the classroom into the home.
StoryWeaver has the chance to have a huge influence on early childhood education around the world. It breaks down the language barrier that so many of our young students already face, and finally allows them to connect to their peers on a multi-lingual level. Literacy rates will increase as the fun of reading is restored through StoryWeaver’s vast selection of reading materials and story creator option. By allowing anyone to download and print all stories, even the teachers now have an accessible tool to bring diverse stories into their lessons.
Today’s guest blogger is Erin Brockmeyer
An Early Childhood Education major at Towson University in Towson, Maryland. She is a supporter of all things helpful for students having difficulty with language, and hopes to create a welcoming classroom with students excited to read.



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