Handwriting Heroes: A Fine Motor Skills Aid

by Aleila R. and Shanice H.


Handwriting Heroes, a technological tool best described as a “developmentally dynamic learning to write app”. The online/app tool, organizes letters into 5 groups (known as the “The Fabulous Five”). Then, provides cartoons and videos to demonstrate how to write them! The pairing of letters is determined by each kinesthetic approach. The applications main focus is on the usage and structures of the lower-case lettering system. Videos of each group of heroes present an animated
song that shows common movement for the group of letters and then summarizes movements for each letter. As students progress they are able to become familiar with the upper- case lettering system. Taught with cartoon illustrations rather than
songs and videos. Also taught in three groups: Double Trouble Letters, Super Similar Letters, Dangerously Different Letters.junk
This can help parents teach their children in developmentally appropriate ways. When necessary families can purchase the app through an iPad or iPhone. Families can provide this tool when a their child may have trouble with legible handwriting or sound recognition.
Educators should use this application when a student is in the Letter to Name  Alphabetic Stage. However, not all educators have access to such an expensive tool. Teachers should provide access to the technology, however, parents should be responsible for a partial payment of the tool. Some may claim that the benefits outweigh the cost when evaluating this app. This is dependent on the demand of the classroom.
Today’s guest bloggers are Aleila R. and Shanice H.

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