FlipGrid: Taking Social Learning to a Whole New Level

by Lauren Pixler


FlidGrid takes a substantial step in furthering interactive technology in the use of early  education. Our technology driven society indulges in screen time starting as early as the beginning of our primary ages and progressively increasing as we get older. Saying so,  FlidGrid will provide our students a new way to respond to discussion questions, a new approach to reflection, and a new method of presentation all while including the new  and improved way to break down the four walls of our classrooms. Children will be able to open our surrounding community of parents and peers into our classroom topics, opinions and mindfulness of our environment and worldwide cultures by creating reply videos in response by simple teacher prompting. Teachers are able to implement the fun, engagement factor of using technology while receiving assessment of a child’s  thoughts and actions.
FlipGrid promotes family involvement into the classroom. Parents are being invited to watch their child’s successes in a school setting without having to physical be there to witness it. With the incorporation of the use of video sharing in a way of communicative
learning and response methods, parents and peers can be shared a code to infinitive amounts of their child’s creativity, topics of discussion, problem solving and collaboration.
FlipGrid provides children with an entirely new learning style. Teachers who implement student centered classrooms will thrive through FlipGrid’s discussion-based video platform. This tool allows for all children’s voices to be heard as talking through a screen can ease the anxiety of the shy child and rather provide the student with a creative outlook of expressing their knowledge while boosting their self-esteem.
Today’s guest blogger is Lauren Pixler
“Hello! I am an early childhood education major at Towson Univerity aspiring to become a future early educator. I am currently enrolled into a course called Interactive Technology and The Young Child taught by Professor Suzanne Obenshain who has motivated me, as a student, to become an advocate for the rise in use of effective
technology into our classrooms. I plan to graduate in 2020, prepared to boost our young learners into confident leaders of the new generation.”

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