Epic! Online Library Leveling Up with Reading in the Classroom

by Ashleigh Boteler


Epic! is available as a desktop website and mobile application that provides children (ages 5-12) with thousands of eBooks right at their fingertips. The app has a similar layout and set up to video streaming sites, such as Netflix, where you can browse books by category, genre, or age level. The more books a student reads, the more points they earn which will allow them to level up and have access to more customizations for their avatar. The Epic! app is available for the classroom and home setting and everything can be saved between the two settings so none of the student’s progress is lost by switching from the two settings. Epic! provides (some, but not all) resources in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, and has many bilingual books for children to enjoy as well. This application is a wonderful resource for teachers and parents to encourage reading for children.
This news can provide a fresh and new resource for teachers to use in the classroom to expand their teaching tool library. The Epic! app has thousands of reading options for elementary grade levels, as well as other resources such as audiobooks, read along option, educational videos, and quizzes to extend the student’s learning. Families can also use the Epic! app at home (for the prices of $7.99/


month) which can help to continue the child’s education and retention at home. Epic! provides a progress report to help parents and teachers to monitor how each child is doing.
This news influences Early Childhood Education because this app provides many resources for teachers and it is all completely free to use in the classroom. Teachers can
use Epic! in center time, on the classroom tablets, and students can log in to their individual profile to access their reading materials of choice. Teachers also have the option to use the read along feature that is offered, which can help students with vocabulary and sight word recognition.
Today’s guest blogger is Ashleigh Boteler
“I work full time as a nanny and am studying Early Childhood Education at Towson University. I am 26 years old and have been working in childcare for 8 years. I am passionate about providing a fun, yet structured educational environment for children.”

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