ISTE releases first-ever multi-disciplinary K-12 STEM guidelines

by Melanie Katz and Ariele Ben-Gera

This article displays the new ISTE standards for computer science. It is meant for educators who do not normally incorporate computers in their lesson plans and encourages educators to stay up to date on computer science tools and resources. These new standards encourage creative and inclusive curricula for educators and students. ISTE partnered with to make these changes.
Families would not have to pay more for their children to learn about computer science because the resources would be provided in class. Even if children are from schools without computer classes offered, the standards can be implemented in any class.
This will create a more creative curriculum which engages the students and establishes positive roles for teachers that are interested in computer science. The standards allow for education to be inclusive for all students, and this is because it was created by people from many different areas of education.
Today’s guest bloggers are Ariele Ben- Gera and Melanie Katz
a teacher is helping a young child try virtual reality while classmates observe

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