Nature Cat’s Great outdoors App

by Morgan Glass

Nature Cat’s Great Outdoors is a free, educational app inspired by a PBS show that  encourages children to get outside and observe nature. This application includes a
journal for recording observations, a camera for capturing photos, a compass for finding directions and a microphone for recording sounds. This app allows students to go on any
adventure on sunny days, rainy day, snowy days and windy days and has more than 100 adventures built in. Students completing these adventures will even receive a digital
badge as a reward!
This news will affect young children and their families because although this app is educational, they are able to use this at home . Although the child must have access to an
iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle, or any other device, each download is protected by a parent gate which allows children to have fun discovering nature, while also having
parental permission.
This news influences Early Childhood Education because when using this app in the classroom or outdoors they are improving their reading, writing, speaking, and listening
skills. For example, there is a journal where students can record each observation they
notice, and it saves where they will always be able to access it. There is also a microphone used to record sounds, such as bird chirping or water flowing, in which they can then classify into categories such as animals, people, or weather.
This video shows more!
Today’s guest blogger is Morgan Glass
“I am a junior at Towson University, studying Early Childhood Education in hopes of  becoming a first grade teacher in the next few years.”

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