Outdoor Learning: Where Exploration and Creativity Collide

by Hannah Lunsford


Article discusses how teachers and schools are beginning to introduce outdoor learning experiences in schools more and more often. As research continues to support the positive effects of outdoor exploration, schools are becoming more active in including such activities into their school days. The article also directs the focus to parents. Parents
can encourage outdoor learning at home as well. Through the encouraging of outdoor activities and play, children can be exposed to nature in creative ways.

Parents are constantly looking for new and exciting activities to show their children. Whether it be to teach a certain skill or to give children resources learn how to follow directions, parents want their children engaging in hands on activities. Even though many apps require children to look at iPads, computers, or phones, there are productive educational apps and games that teach important skills to young children. Educational, outdoor games allow teachers and parents to encourage children to go outside and explore. As research continues to emphasize the beneficial aspects of outdoor play and learning, parents can encourage teachers and caregivers to take their children outside. Once parents are informed of the positive affects outdoor exploration can have on early child development, they will be able to encourage such behaviors inside and outside of the classroom.junk

Children love to explore and their curiosity enables them to discover new aspects. Nature Cat, being one way to teach outdoor efficacy, allows students to go outside and take charge of their learning. They follow the prompts that the game provides and the children are able to take pictures of their surroundings to enrich their own learning. This news should be exciting to teachers! It allows them to connect the technological world with the outdoors (and the feedback from parents/teachers so far is that kids love it). Early Childhood educators can use the skills children learn through play and exploration as a foundation to build future knowledge upon.


Today’s guest blogger is Hannah Lunsford

“I am an Early Childhood Education major at Towson University. I am so excited to start expanding my teacher platform and I have been thinking about becoming a blogger for some time now. As I continue to develop my Photography business, I am trying to
establish myself as a blogger. Everyone has to start somewhere! I am excited for what’s to come as I continue at Towson and head into the real world of teaching.”


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