Planet Nutshell

by E. Aslam and A. Simon
Safety is a big in today’s world and parents are more worried than ever
about what their kids are doing online, who they are communicating with and the apps that they are using. Another purpose of this article was to notify parents of tips and techniques they can use to create a relationship with their child that will allow the child to easily talk to them about anything that may be bothering them.
It will help parents about how they can still be in control when it comes to certain apps that their child will want to download. This article also gives tips about what parents can say to create dialogue so that their kids can feel comfortable talking to them about people that they exchange information with.
Through this news as time goes it will help parents be careful about how much time they allow their child to be on electronic devices. It will help parents be updated to the latest technology and how it can prepare them and their kids from being vulnerable online
Today’s guest bloggers are E. Aslam and A. Simon

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